1.1. Commercial activity of “AromaAir” (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) online store (hereinafter – the Store) is carried out in compliance with “AromaAir” rules of purchase and sale of products (hereinafter – the Rules).

1.2. The Customer must read the Rules prior to registration.

1.3. A registered user who has placed an order becomes the Customer of the Store (hereinafter – the Customer), who acquires the rights and responsibilities set out in the Rules.

1.4. The Seller shall have the right to restrict the Customer's rights or to cancel the registration at any time if the Customer fails to comply with the conditions set out in the Rules.

1.5. In accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Finland, the Seller shall have the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time without a prior notice to the Customer. The new Rules shall come into effect on the day they are published on the Store’s website. Customer orders submitted prior to amendment of the Rules shall be executed following the version of the Rules in force at the time of order placement.

1.6. The Seller shall not be responsible and shall not compensate the damage incurred by the Customer as a result of the Customer’s failure to follow the provisions detailed in the Rules.


2.1. The user must register on the Seller's website (AromaAir), providing the requested personal data during the registration process.

2.2. The Customer’s registration is confirmed automatically and an email with the Customer’s login details is sent to the specified email address.

2.3. The Customer agrees that the Seller has the right to process the Customer's personal data in the cases and for the purposes specified in these Rules.

2.4. The Seller confirms that the Customer's personal data will be used for identifying the Customer when ordering the products and for delivery of the products ordered.

2.5. The Customer undertakes to hold his Store login details confidential and not to disclose them to any third party. In the event of a breach of this provision of the Rules, all ensuing liability shall lie with the Customer. Upon becoming aware of the disclosure of his login details, the Customer shall immediately inform the Seller, who shall block the Customer's access based on the Customer's notification. Customer's registration shall be reactivated upon a separate agreement of the parties hereto.


2.6. The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Customer's personal data and order-related information to any third parties, except for the Seller's partners providing the product supply and delivery services or other services associated with the Customer's order. In other cases, the Customer's personal data may be disclosed when required by a competent State institution in cases prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Finland or with a separate written consent of the Customer. 

2.7. The Seller undertakes to ensure the Customer’s personal data protection in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Finland.


3.1. An order confirmation by the Seller upon Customer’s order placement after the Customer has read and agreed to these Rules is equivalent to concluding a sale and purchase agreement. From that moment the Customer is obliged to pay the price for the products ordered valid at the time of purchase and to accept the products.

3.2. The agreement shall be considered fulfilled after the Customer pays for the products and receives them.

3.3. An appendix to the agreement, i.e. an order confirmation, received by the Customer by email and the information indicated therein shall be deemed an integral part of this Agreement.

3.4. The Agreement is terminated when the order is cancelled by one of the parties hereto or upon satisfying the Customer’s substantiated claim to refund the full amount paid for the products, to exchange the products for equivalent products of appropriate quality, to eliminate the defects of the products within a reasonable period of time or to refund the costs of eliminating the defects in cases when defects are eliminated by the Customer or involving the assistance of third parties.

3.5. A new sale and purchase agreement shall be concluded every time an order is placed.


4.1. Prices listed in the Store are final.

4.2. Delivery costs are indicated during the order placement process, prior to order confirmation.

4.3. The Customer pays for the products ordered using the payment methods provided.

4.4. The Seller undertakes to provide the correct information necessary for complete payment for the products ordered, however accepts to responsibility for faulty services of banks and any resulting damages. The Seller shall also accept no responsibility for the Customer’s mistakes made while forming and making a bank transfer (e.g. entering an incorrect bank account number, providing an incorrect order code, etc.) and any resulting damages.


5.1. Having found a desired product click the “Purchase” button. After clicking the button, the product shall be added to your shopping cart, while you can continue shopping.

5.2. If a specific product is currently out of stock a “Sold out” note appears next to it. In such cases you can choose another product, if available.

5.3. The contents of your shopping cart can be viewed at the bottom left, in the “Cart” box. By clicking the “Cart” any time, you will be able to check the products currently in your shopping cart. If you decide to not buy a product click “Remove” link next to it and the product will be removed from the cart.

5.4. To increase the number of items of the same product enter the desired number in the “Quantity” column or use corresponding buttons to increase/decrease the quantity.

5.5. Below the list of products you will see the shipping amount due and the total order amount.


6.1. Shipping price depends on the delivery method selected. Read more about delivery and prices here.

6.2. The Customer receives an invoice with the products ordered.

6.3. Orders are accepted 24/7, however products are only shipped on weekdays.


7.1. The Seller guarantees that the products meet the usual quality requirements applicable to these products. The general characteristics of each product sold in the Store are presented in the product description accompanying each product.

7.2. The Seller shall not be liable for inconsistency of colour, shape and other properties of the products listed in the Store with the actual properties of these products if such inconsistency is due to characteristics of the image transmitted by the means of communication/device used by the Customer.  

7.3. The Seller shall not be liable for the deterioration of the quality of the products in cases when the Customer or the persons to whom the Customer handed over the products were using the products for purposes other than those the products are normally intended for, failed to follow the requirements detailed in the instructions, violated the rules of transportation, storage, use and/or warehousing of the products, as well as in cases when the packaging of the products is visibly damaged or has other external defects, not discussed in writing during the transfer of the products, as well as in cases when the deterioration of the quality of the products was caused by the actions of the Customer or other persons to whom the Customer sold the products.


8.1. Defects of the products sold to the Customer are eliminated, faulty products are replaced and returned in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Finland.

8.2. The return shipping costs for faulty products are covered by the Seller.

8.3. The Seller shall accept the products from the Customer providing that a product is unused, did not lose its marketable appearance and is undamaged by the Customer, is returned in the original neat packaging, a complete set with all the supplied components is returned and the Customer submits the product purchase document or an order confirmation email.

8.4. A product shall not be exchanged, defects shall not be rectified free of charge and refunds shall not be issued if defects of the products result from the Customer’s violation of the product use or storage rules.


9.1. The Customer shall have the right to: purchase the products at the price listed in the Store and in accordance with the Rules and to terminate the product sale and purchase agreement concluded by means of electronic communication, notifying the Seller thereof in writing within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the product delivery date, if the item is undamaged and its appearance remains essentially unchanged. The product returned must be in its original packaging, unused and complete with all of its parts (manuals, wires, cables etc.), otherwise the Seller reserves the right to reject the returned product (in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Finland). Cosmetic products (essential and aromatic oils) cannot be returned according to (regulations on cosmetic products prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Finland).

9.2. The Customer undertakes: to follow and to comply with the provisions set forth in these Rules while using the Seller’s services provided in the Store, not to disclose his login details to any third parties, to submit orders to the Seller as detailed in the Rules, to pay the Seller for the products purchased as detailed in the Rules, to immediately update the Customer’s personal data provided in the registration form when any changes occur and to familiarize himself with the Store Rules.

9.3. The Seller shall have a right to: suspend the operation of the Store at any time without prior notice; change, update and correct the Rules; change the product range and prices; restrict or cancel the Customer’s registration and access to the services provided by the Store without prior notice in case of the Customer’s intentional actions detrimental to the Store or the Seller; cancel the Customer‘s order if the Customer fails to timely pay for the products ordered or if an order submitted is inaccurate or incorrect.

9.4. The Seller undertakes: to sell the Goods and to issue a sale and purchase document to a Customer who has paid for the products in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts; to sell and deliver the products ordered following the conditions specified in the Rules; to provide the Customer with the required, correct and comprehensive information about the products for sale in the state language; to enable the Customer to use the services of the Store under the conditions specified in the Rules.

9.5. The Customer shall be responsible for the accuracy of his personal data provided and for keeping his login details confidential and non-disclosed to any third parties.

9.6. The Customer shall be responsible for his actions performed in the online Store.

9.7. The Seller shall not be responsible for the losses incurred as a result of the Customer’s failure to familiarize himself with the Rules, despite the granted opportunity to do so.

9.8. The Parties agree that in case of liability of one of the parties, the guilty Party shall compensate the other Party for direct damages.


10.1. Copying or otherwise distributing the information published in “AromaAir” online Store without a written permission of the Store is strictly prohibited.

10.2. The Rules have been drafted in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Finland and the law of the Republic of Finland shall govern the relations stipulated in the Rules.

10.3. The Parties undertake to settle all disputes arising from implementation of the Rules by means of negotiations. If a dispute is not resolved through negotiations it is settled in court. By registering on the website, the Customer confirms understanding that the information provided on the website cannot be considered as recommendations for medical treatment. All thoughts and descriptions presented on the website are opinions of authors or the information summarized by product manufacturers.

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