About aromatherapy diffusers

Aromatherapy diffusers minimally moisturize rooms and give freshness. Using with essential oil diffuser spreading pleasant aroma. Modern vaporizers can be used not only in home but also in office. Steaming natural oils not only have healing properties, but also affect the human inner qualities - improve sleep quality, help to relax, soothe, relieve tension and stress, help to overcome colds faster. When you smell a pleasant aroma, you forget your worries, also pleasant aroma operating well. Aroma Air diffusers are available in different sizes with water capacity of 100 ml, 150 ml, 300 ml or 1600 ml. LED light can be controlled by selecting desired light intensity, desired color or turning off the colors. Cozy LED lighting works soothing, relaxing and improves mood. Device emits minimal sound, so it can be used at night. Some diffusers have time setting that can be set to 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours operating modes. When water and essential oil run out, diffuser shuts off automatically, so you don't have to think about when to turn off diffusor. Evaporator consumes little power, it is plugged to mains.

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